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Rendering with Arnold in 3ds Max using the MaxtoA plug-in.
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Arnold for 3DS Max Alpha error when saving out EXRs

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Arnold for 3DS Max Alpha error when saving out EXRs

After updating to the latest version of Arnold (3.0.65) with 3ds Max 2019, I am experiencing some very strange results when saving out EXRs...I think it is coming from the alpha channel because when I import the file into Photoshop and split out the alpha, I can see the correct image underneath (see second image) while the Alpha channel looks extremely strange (see first image.) However, saving the file without an alpha as an RGB EXR, when imported into Photoshop, looks fine, but in compositing software like Premiere, AE, or Resolve, I get an image that looks almost completely white with no color or levels information (see image 3)...Was not having this problem with the last version and I can't seem to find a way to revert to an old version of Arnold without reinstalling my Max from the Autodesk website... I really like this render engine but am seriously considering switching my company to Vra as the amount of strange issues I have encountered with MaxtoA is ridiculous (sorry to vent but I have colleagues waiting on about 30 renders from me...) Maybe this is a known bug or someone has some idea what is going on?




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Does it happen regardless of the scene ? Can you provide a simple one reproducing the problem ? And, it's CPU, right ?

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