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aiImagerLensEffect "freezes" IPR refinement in Maya 2023/2024

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aiImagerLensEffect "freezes" IPR refinement in Maya 2023/2024

Basically, when using the lens effect imager to create bloom, the IPR window's update rate slows down.  Specifically, the refinement stops updating until the render is complete, but the level at which it stops is rather blocky.  I've attached two images showing where it stops and when it's complete.  The difference between the two is rather noisy.  When using the IPR with the bloom strength set to 0, or the imager disabled, it continually refines, which is much more useful since it's supposed to be interactive. 


I just installed 2024, but noticed the same thing happens in 2023, and does not happen in 2022.  I can get the arnold versions if needed.  I believe this happens in 2023 and on because the bloom effect (and other imager effects) are being applied even while the render is still going.  In maya 2022, the bloom/other imagers are only applied when the render is complete.  However, from the couple of imagers I tested (lens effects and white balance), only the bloom seems to freeze the preview like this.  Specifically when the bloom radius is set to a value > 1.  At radius=2, it still happens, but updates a little bit.  I'm guessing the bloom effect gets more expensive as you start to set the radius higher due to the convolution to blur out the hotspot reflections, but if its that much of a performance hit, can't it just run when the render is complete so I can actually see what's going on?   The arnold documentation even says it's not supposed to appear until the render is complete:

The vignetting from the lens effect imager does not cause this same behavior, though does appear before the render is complete.  The behavior seems consistent between CPU and GPU rendering (Ryzen 9 5900x/RTX 4090 if thats relevant).



TL;DR the bloom from the lens effect Imager appears even before the render is complete, which makes the IPR refinement get stuck.


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