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AREA Announcements


SOFTIMAGE|UeberTage2011 August, 26th 2011 in Siegen, Germany

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08-16-2011 01:42 AM
Hey guys!

Here are some news on our usermeeting! Have a look at our website.

This is our schedule so far:

Tim Borgmann ( with "Making of.."
Walter Volbers und Max Zimmermann from FIFTYEIGHT ( with a "Making of.."
Helge Mathee from Exocortex ( with "Momentum 3.0"
Eric Mootz from Mootzoid ( with "Current Developments"
Holger Schönberger from BinaryAlchemy ( with "BA_Shader"
Pablo Bach from Liga01 Computerfilm ( with a "Making of.."

Perhaps Chaosgroup will be our guest again, but that is not sure by now. So if you are around, come and join us!

Feel free to register here:

Stay tuned!

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