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Upcoming Forum Changes- Merging Tips & Tutorials, opening Support Board

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3 weeks ago

In an effort to create an overall better experience and provide maximum visibility for your tips & tricks, we will be making two changes to the Fusion 360 forums:


  • Opening a Support board:  This is where you will post all bugs, unexpected behaviors and account problems moving forward.  Your fellow community mates can chime in to help troubleshoot, and the Autodesk team will keep a close eye on it.
  • Closing the Post your Tips & Tutorials board:  To increase visibility to all of the great tips & tricks that get submitted, we’re moving all posts into the Design, Validate & Document, Computer Aided Machining (CAM), and API and Scripts boards.  Moving forward, the primary focus of these boards will be on sharing best practices, tips, projects, and “how-to” questions.  


On April 8th, the Post your Tips & Tutorials board will be archived, closed for new topics, and posts merged into the appropriate forum.  During this time we will also rollout the new Support board.  These changes are based off of feedback we’ve heard directly from you, the community, and an in-depth analysis of the overall traffic and health of the Fusion 360 forums.  We greatly appreciate your continued passion and sharing of expertise!.


A couple of things to note about the migration:

  • This forum will remain open, however posts may appear out of chronological order as we bring older topics in. This will be fixed at the end of the migration.
  • You may wish to temporarily unsubscribe from this board prior to the migration in order to avoid receiving an overload of notifications, then you can subscribe again.

We are excited about the changes and hope you’ll find the overall experience improved.  Thanks for your patience during “construction”!

Brian Repp - Fusion Community Manager