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Tips and Tutorials to help you get started

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3 weeks ago

Here is a collection of useful links to tips and tutorials that will help you get up and running with Fusion 360 faster.



What's new with API 

Check out what we've added to our API and how you can use it in your custom scripts / add-ins. 



Fusion 360 Keyboard Shortcuts 

You'll want to know these sooner than later - it'll make you life so much easier. 



Trippylighting’s Fusion 360 Rule #1 and Rule #2

If you're creating assemblies, you'll want to know Trippylighting's Rule #1 and Rule #2. 



Beyondforce’s tutorial on how to create a Screencast

Don't have a screen-capture program to recording what you're doing? Screencast is here to help. It works great with Fusion 360 and it's free for everyone. 



Fusion 360 foundations and concepts

Get up-to-speed with these core modeling and design concepts.



Autodesk University 2016 Class Recordings

Each year we have a week-long conference where we teach classes on how to use Fusion 360. Here are some great sessions recorded from last year. 



Kevin Schneider's Assemblies Master Class Recording

If you don't watch any of the AU class recordings, you should at least watch this one. I've watched it at least 3 times and learn something new every time. 



Fusion 360 YouTube channel playlists

Love YouTube? Love videos? We do too, and we have a ton of them. Tutorials, quick-tips, webinars, and more. 



SolidWorks to Fusion 360 commands nomenclature table

Coming from SolidWorks and trying to figure how what the commands mean in Fusion 360? This is for you. 

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