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Zoomig makes the model hidden or invisible to the current view.

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Zoomig makes the model hidden or invisible to the current view.

While using the zoom tool, when I click the mouse wheel to set the pivot to rotate or zoom, the model tends to disappear or starts to show a section plane, the whole working window tends to act weird after that. How should I return to the default view after that operation??

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Same here, when I zoom in model disappears.


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Alias uses a camera to view data in the modeling windows. The camera contains all the setting of an actual camera. The issue you are experiencing has to do with the cameras clipping planes. There is a tool in the Palette under the view tab called "adjust clipping planes". When you data appears to disappear, click this tool and use the LMB and drag down, this will adjust the near clipping plane and you should the data should appear. There is also a reset view tool if your data disappears and you cannot find it.

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Maybe you have your Perspective View on? Switch to Orthographic View and check if that works.

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It works! it is just problem of the perspective view.

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When you zoom in in the perspective view, it's important to drop down a point-of-interest (POI) on the object your zooming in on.  Alias tries not to let the camera pass the point of interest by slowing down the dolly speed as you approach the POI.  This does not always work and you may still have to adjust you near clipping plane if you want to work very close in. 
Proximity to the POI also controls the speed of tracking (middle mouse).  

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It worked for me. Thank you for the solution

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