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Where can I get support

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Where can I get support

Hello everyone

Does someone know if there's a forum or something where I can potentially be helped with a surfacing issue I have in alias. I noticed that here is more like technical support(bugs and errors). I need help with surfacing a corner of air intake that seems impossible to solve.


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People on this forum do provide help with modeling problems.  The tool for the thing your talking about would be Surfaces->Corner Blend.  If your still having problems you should give a detailed description of the problem with pictures and/or videos.

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in reply to: bob55

Thanks for replying. So here's what I am trying to achieve. Basically, in my front bumper design, I am trying to make this air intake inspired by the Lucid Air one(see photos). I realise that the design differs but this is what I am roughly going for. Obviously, the fillet I try to do is impossible even if its hand build(I tried). Changes need to be done so this can work of course but I don't know what needs to be changed in order for this to work. To elaborate I am trying to make the surfaces behind the black plastic cap/part you can see on Lucid's air intake because as I see it the plastic part follows the surface behind. Or maybe there's a reason they put a black plastic cap there - to hide not so good looking surface, how knows :D. I attached a screencast as well. Hopefully, you can help me.

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The screencast isn't showing on the previous post for some reason.

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Try zipping your screencast. Without it it's difficult to understand your request.


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The screencast recording arent on my PC. Is it cloud-based or? Maybe if I give you A link

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So far I managed to make it like this which is a half solution because the edges which go inside the air intake are razor sharp. On the images, you can see the marked edges which I cannot put fillet on (especially the top edge). I tried to make a manual fillet with tubeoff and then free form blend. Also tried to use blend curves and make it using square. I mean I tried like 7 different methods but the surfaces always come out with 100 spans and distorted. Currently what you see on the screencast is with tangency, and positional were the sharp edges are.


Screencast -




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