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Weird Performance Problems

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Weird Performance Problems

Hey everyone,


I'm having extremely weird performance issues with my new installation of Alias 2021 on my MacBook Pro 2015. I installed Alias in Bootcamp (Windows 10) because its not supported in MacOS anymore. With the 2019 Version on MacOS I had zero performance issues. Now, if I open a fully packed Alias model of a car with alot of detail and look at it in 3d with different shaders (usetex for example) I have a very smooth experience. But as soon as I have a canvas layer image (simple .jpg) imported in the file, Alias constantly hangs, laggs and stutters. Even though the rest of the file is just curves. How is that possible?


Thank you for yourhelp!

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What is the resolution of the image?

and this is not a problem in 2019?


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ot all aliasing artifacts are caused by the same limitations, nor are they resolved in the same manner. For example, increasing the Minimum and Maximum Anti-aliasing Levels will not solve the problem optimally. Types of aliasing include: geometry, textures, shadows, highlights, and motion blur . AlaskasWorld

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