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Turntable Azimuth Rotate to Match Current Const. Plane

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Turntable Azimuth Rotate to Match Current Const. Plane



I work at a car company, and usually when building a vehicle, it's built on an engineering plane, and not how the car sits on the road. So I usually make a new construction plane that's set to ground attitude, so in reviews we can view the car as it sits on the road. 


The problem though, is when doing this, and using the turntable animation, or the manual turntable in the view cube, the view does not rotate about that new Z axis. Which means that the car will be pointing correctly on the driver's side, but then pointing uphill when the view makes its way around the passenger side. 


This is negated by using the azimuth rotate in the view cube, when you start with your car in an end view for that plane. So the view directly then rotates around that new Z. BUT... neither turntable tools have an option to rotate in that way, they both just tumble Z around the original world view. 


You can test this yourself. Open a file with something in it, make a new construction plane and rotate it at 45 about Y to accentuate the problem. Make that your new construction plane. Then use the manual turntable with the middle mouse button to rotate about Z. You'll see it rotates to the model's original Z. Now use the azimuth rotate, and you'll see that it rotates more about the true Z of your new plane. 


I would think both turntables would work better when using a true azimuth rotation to however your view is oriented. After all, if you're using a turntable, you want it to act like it's sitting on a ground. And I would hope that you could use any construction plane as your "ground".  Something to think about for future releases. 


If somebody has a workaround for this, short of rotating the model onto the ground in the default world, which I DO NOT want to do. We should never be rotating the vehicle itself until it goes to Vred.



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