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To Autodesk Alias dev team.

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To Autodesk Alias dev team.

Dear dev team please stop release new versions of your software. Your desire to improve your appearance is understandable.
But you are releasing the second product in a row that has more errors than the previous version.
2024 and 2025 are just a disaster. It feels like the code is written by students. Although even students will be embarrassed to hand over such work to a teacher.

Some bugs live in the kernel for more than ten years. And you change the appearance and location of the buttons.

Your company kill perfect software Softimage. Next several year Blender kill Maya. Plasticity written by one person. Look at the progress over the year.

You live (have income, and i hope every year your income will decrease)  only because of the historical relation to many OEM in the world and also monopoly position in the market. The world will be cleaner without Autodesk.



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Pretty true

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