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Skin and Square tools problem

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Skin and Square tools problem

Hello everyone

So I am using Alias Autostudio 2020.3 (build 1249 ) and I'm returning to it previously used 2016 version. I noticed that I the square and skin tools won't work with surfaces, only curves. What happens is I open the tool and try to select the edge of a surface but it doesn't allow me. Also if the surface edge and the curve occupy the same space it won't select either. It opens the little dialogue box to choose which one to select but it won't work. It works with curves though. Did something change or I remember falsely that you can use the tools with surfaces as a starting point? Thanks

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Ok apparently if I am not signed in when using the software it's going to give me issues. Now it works fine. Not gonna lie kind of strange and extorting method to make somebody sign in. Certainly not a user-friendly one. Make sure you are signed in people.

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Where is it that you're signing in? My Alias keeps crashing when I try to connect edges of surfaces with the skin tool (I do not have this problem on other computers) __ I try to select the edge of surface to start a skin and it doesn't highlight it. It sometimes highlights a different curve from where I'm clicking or it just crashes immediately. 

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