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Seeking Advice: NURBS vs. Sub-D Modeling in Autodesk Alias for Automotive Design

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Seeking Advice: NURBS vs. Sub-D Modeling in Autodesk Alias for Automotive Design

Dear Autodesk Community,


I'm a seasoned professional with extensive experience in complex surface modeling using CATIA, particularly in the automotive sector. However, I'm currently exploring alternatives that offer a quicker workflow with a sharper focus on conceptual automotive design.


I've been considering delving into Autodesk Alias, but I'm torn between investing my time in NURBS or Sub-D modeling techniques within the software. Given my background, I value efficiency and precision but also recognize the importance of adaptability and speed in conceptual design.

Could those with experience in Alias, particularly in automotive design, provide insights into the advantages and disadvantages of NURBS versus Sub-D modeling? Which approach aligns better with the demands of automotive conceptual design and offers a smoother transition from CATIA?


Any guidance or personal experiences you can share would be immensely helpful in guiding my decision.


Thank you in advance for your time and expertise.


Sincerely, Wouter ter Stege

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Hi @woutAWSXS if you are new to Alias and want to focus on a quicker conceptual workflow I would recommend starting with Sub-D modeling. It offers you the ability to create first results in a quick amount of time and they are easy to modify. Nurbs modeling is more precise but takes more time and is probably closer to your Catia workflow. You can also combine both workflows. Create the base shapes with Sub-D and add the details with Nurbs tools.


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Hi @KaiTi.L , thanks for your reply. I think I will start with the Sub-D in Alias and progress from there. 

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