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Light tunnel not working

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Light tunnel not working

Hi everyone,


when i switch on the light tunnel, the surfaces where reflections should be visible are just fully green with no reflection lines visible. I would like to see reflection lines, what did I do wrong?

I have tried scaling the light tunnel but this doesnt solve the issue.

Thanks for your help.

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Does anyone have any suggestions?

Also the isophotes diagnostics shader doesnt work either. So neither the light tunnel nor the isophotes are working.

Thanks for your help.

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Hello , @Colez12345  About your Problem I want to tell you that , 

It appears as though you're encountering an issue with the light passage, and the reflection lines are not apparent as they ought to be. Here are some investigating steps you can attempt to determine the issue:


Really take a look at Light Source is Guarantee that the light hotspot for the light passage is working accurately. On the off chance that the light source isn't working or not situated as expected, it may not produce the fundamental reflections.


Surface Material in Ensure that the surfaces where you hope to see reflection lines have proper materials with adequate reflectivity. Assuming that the materials are too matte or non-intelligent, the reflection lines probably won't be noticeable. 


Light Passage Settings is in Audit the settings of the light passage, including any properties connected with reflections or specular features. Change these MyJohnDeere Login settings to upgrade the perceivability of reflection lines.


Lighting Arrangement: Twofold actually take a look at your general lighting arrangement in the scene. Inadequate lighting or inappropriate situation of lights could prompt the shortfall of reflection lines.


Render Settings: Check your delivering settings. Certain delivering settings, similar to beam following or worldwide light, can fundamentally influence the presence of reflections.


Designs Card and Drivers: Guarantee that your illustrations card drivers are cutting-edge and viable with the product you are utilizing. Obsolete drivers or similarity issues can now and again cause delivering issues.


Programming Form: Check in the event that there are any known issues or bugs connected with the light passage in the variant of the product you are utilizing. Refreshing to the most recent variant or utilizing an alternate form could determine the issue.


GPU Speed increase: In the event that you have GPU speed increase empowered, take a stab at impairing it and check whether the issue continues. Some of the time, GPU speed increase can cause delivering issues in specific situations.


Scene Intricacy: Assuming that your scene is excessively intricate, it could overpower the delivering abilities, prompting absent or deficient reflections. Improving on the scene or utilizing render layers can help separate and analyze the issue.


Test in Another Scene: Make a straightforward test scene with essential items and a light passage to check whether the reflection lines work accurately there. This can assist you with deciding whether the issue is well defined for your ongoing scene or a more broad issue.


On the off chance that in the wake of attempting these means, the issue continues to happen, you might need to look for help from online gatherings or networks committed to the product you are utilizing. Make certain to give explicit insights regarding your product variant, equipment arrangement, and any mistake messages you experience to get more designated help.


Thank you i hope you like my answer i always try to give my best.

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