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Importing preferences from a previous version

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Importing preferences from a previous version

I am trying to restore Preferences from Alias 2023 to Alias 2024 Learning Edition. I was unable to import the preferences to Alias 2023.0 Learning Edition either, it imports only the UI colours. I think this is because the files containing shelves etc are linking to old directories.


In the case of 2024 it seems that the configuration files are no longer .scm, instead the format is now .json. Switching to a .json format is a welcome change, but how do we go about importing shelves and hotkeys from prior versions?



I suppose a manual rebuild would ultimately be good for the workflow, but I would love some suggestions on how best to import marking menus, custom shelves with custom tools.

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*Solved, I decided to rebuild the config and try to improve it
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How's it going, David?

I know this answer comes 8 months after your question, but I just happened to notice your question/ solution. Throughout all my years in the industry, it has been constantly recommended to rebuild all preferences for each new Alias release. It is a bit of a drag, seeing as this software costs thousands of $$$ but still has issues with seemingly basic functionality. While there have been times where I've successfully imported pref. sets from previous versions, the surefire way to limit most marking menu bugs is a set of freshly rebuilt preferences (as you've already done).

In recent years, I've found that taking screen grabs or snipped images of all my marking menus and shelves really speeds up the rebuild process. You can even take screen grabs of the settings for each tool.

I'm attaching an image of my "preference collage".

Hope this helps in the future!



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