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Hotkey location for "ctrl + space"? Kills dolly to point

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Hotkey location for "ctrl + space"? Kills dolly to point

I work in the car industry, and I've been having this issue for years. I'm currently on 2021.3. I often use the "ctrl+space" function to hide all my windows when I'm focusing, and constantly toggle it back and forth. I also really like to use the "dolly to point" feature, where I click on my focus spot with "shift+alt" and then scrub zoom to that point. Well, the first time I use the "ctrl+space" function in a session, that dolly to point stops working until I restart Alias. It just zooms to wherever the center of the screen is. Then I have to do all sorts of panning.
1. Does anybody know how to prevent this? 
2. If not, where can I find the option to delete the "ctrl+space" hotkey? I've started using auto-hide on my windows, so I don't need it much anymore anyway. But the muscle memory is still there, so I'm always losing my "dolly to point". Can't seem to find it in the hotkey editor.



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....Did you even read my post? I know how to use the shortcut, what I want to do is get rid of it. Where is the hotkey location in the editor to rebind or delete it?

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Sorry for your problems.  I'm not able to duplicate the problem.  I go into "General Preferences" and under viewing I change my Point-of-Intrest to be Dynamic (which I'm thinking from your description is your setting).  I then open the Render Globals window and ctrl-space to close it.  But the dolly-to-point still works.  What windows do you typically have open when you are doing it.  Also it would be good if you could export your preferences and send me the .aps file in a private message.



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