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Curve Blend - Symmetrical edit on both sides

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Curve Blend - Symmetrical edit on both sides

Hi everyone!

I am quite new to this Forum, also kinda newbie to Alias, so let me ask my first question. ๐Ÿ™‚


These days I am dealing a lot with a Blend tools, yes there are a few of them and according to many the Freeform Curve Blend Tool might be a way better, then the old one Blend Curve tool.


Right now is my focus on a classical theory exercise about a Curve Blend connecting 2 Circles, with the best possible G2/G3 align.Alias_Frage_1.JPG


As you see, the both circles are the same. When I pick both edit points, I can move with G1 and G2 CVs on both sides. Thats similar, like Shape or Form Factor in the other function (with the lock on).


Now how can I move with both G0 CVs at the same time? (G0 CVs are the first and last CV of the curve)

I want to slide them on the circle about the same distance on both sides and preferably without using any symmetry tool. It might be similar to extend that curve on both sides -  just while still using the blend function with a possibility to change from G1/G2/G3/ aling and maybe adding or reducing the form factor.

Also changing the position on the circle by typing any value to somewhere, would be very appreciated.

Yes the goal at the end is to create a curve that connects both circles with a perfect G3 align, that might slightly change the circle curves, but the circle character remains.


Thanks a lot for any help & discussion

DI Karel Vaclav Povolny,

"The imagination will not perform until it has been flooded by a vast torrent of reading." - Petronius
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Hi @karel_povolny2ZHH9 You can edit the blend curve, and shift click both ends to edit symmetrically. You can also copy and paste the circle curve if you want to maintain them, hide them in a layer, and use the extend curve to move the circle which moves the blend curve symmetrically. I've added a gif incase my explanation is confusing. 


bled curve.gif


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Hi @wisal_fattouhE6YUU ,


Thank you very much for the help. Yes it is a kind of a indirect edit (through another function), but it works ๐Ÿ˜‰

DI Karel Vaclav Povolny,

"The imagination will not perform until it has been flooded by a vast torrent of reading." - Petronius

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