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CTRL-Z not functioning

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CTRL-Z not functioning

I have verified the hot keys are on under hot key menu editor. Under menu, Edit, it has undo and the box is checked. After applying it still does not function. My key board is new and no other program has this issue.

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in reply to: Anonymous

It looks like your on Windows.  This usually happens when the OS (or some driver) is grabbing the key combo.  Did you install some kind of software or driver?  If so see if there is something about hotkeys in it.



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in reply to: bob55

The only drivers i have loaded were for the wacom tablet.  Im not seeing how the control z key not working in only alias is connected. Thanks though
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in reply to: Anonymous

You might try CTRL+Y, as some apps are switching your Win system from one language to another, without notifying you. If you were working on a QWERTY keyboard, your system thinks you switched over to QWERTZ.

With windows key+space you are able to toggle between languages.

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in reply to: Anonymous

Hi Martin and all,

Press the TAB key on your keyboard and your CTRL, and ALT keys will start to work again ... 

This happens to me often in Alias and I used to restart to fix it 😛 ... 

The cursor gets stuck in the little box at the top where you can enter values or commands, pressing TAB gets the cursor to move out of that box. 

Been a while but if anyone else looks for this issue again they might find the answer.




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in reply to: Anonymous

Thanks! That's working for me!

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in reply to: Anonymous

Ciao mi chiamo Daniele, ho la versione di Alias 2024 e ho lo stesso problema. Il CTRL Z per tornare indietro è impostato nel menu, ma non funziona. A volte funziona solo una volta e basta. Come posso risolvere? Grazie 

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in reply to: Anonymous

How did you fixes it.?

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in reply to: Anonymous

Alias has undo/redo (ctrl+z/ctrl+y) functions that work differently than we are used to expecting:

  • You can undo/redo any transform or rearrangement operations (e.g.: move, rotate, scale, move pivot, center pivot, delete active, assign layer, group/ungroup).
  • Construction history gives you the opportunity to update or to undo almost any entities after their creation (use ObjectEdit>QueryEdit tool).
  • You cannot undo/redo any operation that involves creating a new entity, but you can immediately use delete active to undo what you have done, because at the time of its creation, that entity will be the only one selected.
  • Any operation that creates something interrupts the undo/redo process, and you might feel that the undo/redo tools are not working properly, but they are not.
  • Lastly, to save memory, the Limit Number of Undos is set to ON and the Maximum Undos is set to 11 by default (of course, it is possible to change it, but take care if the computer does not have a lot of memory).

Hope this helps.

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yeah here you can find the solution: You may strive CTRL+Y, as some apps are switching your Win machine from one language to every other, without notifying you. If you had been running on a QWERTY keyboard, your system thinks you switched over to QWERTZ.

With windows key+area you're able to toggle between languages.

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