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Cannot Scale Transform CV falloff window (2024.1)

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Cannot Scale Transform CV falloff window (2024.1)

In 2024.1  the falloff window cannot be scaled. Got a higher res monitor, and scaled Windows UI to 150%, so now all the windows need to be widened. I cannot make the falloff window bigger, there's no arrow at the edge of the window. 


Also falloff rate is not remembered in the profile when opening Alias. It shows as 1.00, but acts as if it's set to 0 (all CVs move the same amount) until I move the slider to another value. Also the lock together option is always reset to separate when opening Alias. 

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Not sure this is it. I have a 4k monitor at work set to 4k res, and a 2k at home set to 2k, and I can't scale the Prop Mod falloff window in either one. I can scale all other windows. It's in the software in this version, it's missing the little arrow that pops up in the corner. 2024.0 didn't have the issue.

Also what is Cura?

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