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Alias Slow, Move Tool wacky, and showing only 1 CPU core in Sytem Diagnostics.

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Alias Slow, Move Tool wacky, and showing only 1 CPU core in Sytem Diagnostics.

Hi guys,


I used to run Alias 2015 fine before; now I've installed Alias 2021 on my machine and it's spinning very slow (from start, even with just the grille and no model at all) unless the window is made very tiny; the 3D is wacky (for example, moving objects jumps on the space from spot to spot, with no chance to set it in between - and I don't mean the usual Focus Point issue); the Showroom Diagnostic Shader isn't smooth but disjointed with different shades of colors stripes, but only while spinning; and the System Diagnostic Window shows one Core only for the CPU, while it's a Quad-Core.


Now, all this things seem too much for a post, but they are probably connected (maybe not the CPU one, as they seem to be related to GPU instead). And I've seen this problems many times before on other machines, though I don't know how they were ever resolved by the users.

Drivers updated, GPU is a Quadro, 2015 worked fine.

Any hints?

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First thing is to try running with default preferences.  Then check Draw Precision (in the control panel).

Alias only uses multiple process (more cores) during certain operations like tessellation during hardware shade or open and saving files.  Please give us your hardware and OS details and a screen cast  of you tumbling would help.

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in reply to: bob55

Default preferences tried, minimum Draw Precision tried, and you have all the system and OS details in the screenshot already. I'll copy them again below, for faster consultation:



System Diagnostics Log
Alias SysInfoCheck Version : 1.00.00
Date of Tune : Mon Oct 26 23:55:24 2020


Machine Configuration
Machine Name : MARCO-PC
Operating System : Microsoft (build 9200) -----> Windows 10
Processor 1 : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1245 V2 @ 3.40GHz
Number of Logical Cores : 1


Memory Configuration
Total Physical Memory : 10184 MB
Available Physical Memory : 5492 MB


3D Device
Vendor : NVIDIA Corporation
Video Processor 1 : Quadro FX 1800
Video Memory : 768 MB
Video Driver File Version :


OpenGL Support
OpenGL Version : 3.3.0
OpenGL 2.0 - Supported
OpenGL Shader Objects - Supported
OpenGL Vertex Shader - Supported
OpenGL Fragment Shader - Supported
OpenGL Vertex Buffer Objects - Supported
OpenGL Frame Buffer Objects - Supported



As requested, I've also attached a video where you can see the shader flickering (please note, all the model movement happen with some lag after the mouse movement). I've actually noticed the same flickering happens on video streaming and other things as well, so that might not be Alias at all. It's a sort of color subdivision instead of a smooth transition. Plus, marking menus show un with a disturbing lag, and the mouse doesn't recognize which surface is in front of the other when picking object (this sounds like something relevant to understand where the issue sits - the graphics?).
Anyone knows what might be causing it?

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in reply to: Anonymous

It kind of feels like a graphics driver issue.  Does Alias 2015 run fine now or have you uninstalled it?


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in reply to: Anonymous

Sorry you were fine and then had the problem after updating the BIOS, or vice versa?

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