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Alias 2023 - Reference Manager/Filing Issues

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Alias 2023 - Reference Manager/Filing Issues

Hi there


I have been using reference manager on a project for a few months now. It's been working super well, as parts are up issued we have a master file for each part, that we overwrite with the data from the latest revision so that then reference manager has a single source to always look for and updates automatically.


However today it's started doing something very odd - 


We've been creating updated 'master files' for the reference manager based on latest data as usual....However for some reason the files AND the folders for those files we have edited have now got permissions on them, so we can neither delete, edit, or rename the files!....No one has put this onto the folder or files intentionally...I think Alias has done it somehow?! 


I can copy and paste, rename edit documents or other 'non alias' files in these folders...but as soon as I put a new file into the folder that is alias derived, it gets locked in there unable to edit it or move it!...or even delete it...saying the file no longer exists or I do not have permission. Other users are getting the same messages on the same files/folders.


Anyone had this before?




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