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2024.1 Bugs

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2024.1 Bugs

Just wanted to report some more bugs I've found in 2024.1! 


1. Hardware shade settings are not persistent when opening new file. I can have a file with an environment and certain hardware shade settings applied, and when I open a new file, all of that shifts to the new file's setting, despite having the environment reference selected for the original file in the stage lister. I have to toggle the environment box to the new file and back again, and turn hardware shade off and on again in order to get the environment to read from the original file. I have to do this several times a day, any time I open a new file. 


2. Ground plane shadow in hardware shade being on is causing black flashing glitches when modeling, moving CVs, switching stages, etc. This is with the latest Nvidia graphics driver as of December 2023. When ground shadow is turned off, graphic stuttering goes away.


3. Still having lots of crashes relating to what seems to be about using hotkeys too quickly after certain operations. A couple I've noticed - When using the "apply shaders" tool with a hotkey, and swiping up with the right mouse button too quickly will cause the program to crash. I've also seen something like where I use a hotkey too quickly after switching stages, the program will crash. Very hard to replicate, it's very random.


4. When crashing, the Msave and reopen function only works about 50% of the time. 


5. The program still fails to remember some of my settings when opening:

-Draw style settings are forgotten when opening program, until I open draw style box and close it, then tumble the model. 

-Transform CV falloff box is still bugged, it now shows my last used falloff number, but still effectively is zero when moving CVs, until I move the slider a little, then try again. It will also not remember the choice for linked U and V falloff.

-When I have tools docked in a shelf, some of them don't remember which sub-tool from that group that I've used last is. Particularly for measurement locators in my case. I'd like one of mine to be always "curve-to-curve", but every time I open Alias it reverse back to "closest point", the first tool in that set.

-Saving the user profile does not fix any of these.



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in reply to: mcgeecardesign

It is very painful to see how unprofessional actions of a current developers team kill one more unique product. 2024 is a monstrous shame and disgrace. 
Autodesk is a cemetery for Softimage, 3dMax, Maya and etc.

At the same time, these are pretentious and expensive presentations and other marketing garbage. There are a lot of errors in core that have been around for more than 10 years, no, "we will make new buttons and looks". And we will release a new version in such a state that even indie developers do not allow themselves to do.

The 2024 version looks like an older lady who has put on a lot of makeup and youthful clothes. And she screams at everyone - look how beautiful I am.

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Another one that I find quite a problem is there's inconsistency in the undo function when working with extending. Sometimes I'm able to undo while working inside the extend tool when it's still live and afterword if I deselect, but only about half the time. Other times, there's no way to undo the extend. 

Overall I continue to be frustrated with how fragile the undo system in Alias still is. You can move a curve and simply tumble the model and select a new tool, and the ability to undo is gone completely. 

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I do not why is our setup options are not automaticaly working on restar (Bug). There is one hint  to make it working. Just one more time load your profile in User Preferences or in the bottom left corner in work space window in a case  you did a save of your profile last time. 

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I know it is pretty annoying when the setup is not working properly on restar (shortcuts, MMenus etc).. There is one hint to make it working. Just one more time load your profile in the bottom left corner in work space window (Lclick on it - Relaod - Yes) or in User Preferences - your profile, in case you saved your profile last or in any session.

For example, my is MHI     u prf.JPG

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