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Week numbers in build schedule

Week numbers in build schedule

For some inexplicable reason, weeks are only shown with first and last dates instead of their week number. Idea: show weeks as week numbers. 


@demolitionist Can I get some clarification on week numbering? Is this week number based on the current year? We are currently in week 6 of 2024. Or is this number of weeks in a project worked? Also, last what schedule authoring tool do you utilize?


Hi, @lance.borst 


Thanks for taking the time!


The preface I forgot: I showed one of our project managers how to import an MS Project file, and he was actually shocked/irate by the week resolution showing first and last date of the week instead of week numbers.


In our part of the world, at least, a week begins on Monday. Monday 1 January 2024 initiated week one; we are currently in week 5, not 6 (with today being 1 February). Week number of the year is the most crucial for our common understanding, instead of having to reference a date span in a given month. I assume that if you get week numbers working, it shouldn't be a big hurdle to convert to number of weeks since project beginning (resulting in week numbers greater than 52).


ISO8601 covers all the details.

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