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Sheets for the Field auto populate attributes and Autopublish to Sheets

Sheets for the Field auto populate attributes and Autopublish to Sheets

We publish Sheets as PDF to ACC. Attributes are populated with title block information. After approval the files are copied to corresponding Folder in the container "Published" including all attribute vallues. 


To share it to construction site we need to make an extra step to do a publish to "Sheets for the Field". Title blocks will harvest sheetnumber en title 🙄. most of the times this is labour intens. 



  1. Please make it possible to map attributes in the files section to Sheets. 
  2. Make it possible to map aka Bridge a specific folder in Files that will be monitord for updates with new files for "Sheets for Field"

We have the same workflow and publishing files to sheets is a huge pain. It doesn't make sense that Sheest tool does not leverage the existing documents metadata. Usually the sheet name already exists as the file Description and the number is part of the fie naming convention that Docs extract as a separate attribute.


Also, the sheet discipline should not be recognised from the initial characters of its number but should be defined by a separate file attribute. At least having this option would be great.  

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