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Revert ACC project back to a non-revit version state

Revert ACC project back to a non-revit version state

I know there is a document that states it is not possible. However, this should be possible.
The case: A project was calculated based on IFC models and PDF. A lot of documents where added to the acc project prior to the stage where actual design of the MEP parts where started by our company (pre-order).
Once the order came in, a Revit 2020 file was recieved and an over-eager employee saved it as cloudmodel in Revit 2024 (yep, new = better,  and I know, user error...)

Now should that not be an issue we thought: just remove all 2024 Revit stuff and restart in 2022 (which was agreed on later with all party's).

No can do.... So now we have to make a new project for the building fase, which doesnt have all the documents, RFI, Issues, correspondence, forms, etc.... Two projects. Is this "Let's make things better"?


Product support just answers:  not a product flaw. Put in an idea for a feature request.
Well, here it is (however I am still convinced it is an oversight in development not to be able to reset an ACC project when there is nothing in it from any Revit version as a cloud model).

Idea: when there are no cloud (workshared or not) Revit files left in an ACC project, it should be possible to reset the ACC project to an non-revit version ACC project.


@j_feeke thank you for elaborating on how this affects your projects. What if some type of guardrail was set up to stop or at least give users pause before they advance/change to a new version of Revit?


Hi Lance, thx for the reaction.

A pause might help in case somebody is upgrading a new version. However, once there is a cloudmodel present, the protection is pretty much ok, as you can't open a cloud model on a version that is different from the cloudmodel itself (not even to a higher version) as you wont see that in your project. And upgrading is only allowed for administrators (i believe) so there is a safequard present.

This only happens when there is not yet a cloud model in the project, and I think it is very hard to safeguard the creation of a cloudmodel in that case. Hence the wish to be able to "reset" the project's handling after the wrongfully creation (and removel of the files after that). 

But any progress would be welcome ofcourse. And I am always available to help out if testing or just speculation about anything that might help is wanted @lance.borst 

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