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Multi-Model Asset Status View

Multi-Model Asset Status View

Current limitation: Linking multiple models to view combined asset status is not supported.


Desired feature: Allow viewing asset status from multiple linked models simultaneously, when categorized. Currently, only one model's information is accessible per category.

Status changed to: Gathering Support

Hello @myatnoe_thin,


We are actively gathering support and evaluating this feature request. Thank you for your post and feedback.


Please let us know if you have other feedback regarding this topic.


I support this, as some larger projects need to be broken into multiple smaller models (level, zone, etc), which may need to be reconstituted back into a federated model for review purposes.


Today I logged beta feedback for some other related features (which I won't comment on here), and my feedback was to bring the beta features and the Asset/Status model viewing to other modules where federated viewing is possible, such as Model Coordination and Design Collaboration. ACC feature consolidation is key to user efficiency.

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