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Intermediate Admin access level that allows additional invites within that company.

Intermediate Admin access level that allows additional invites within that company.

We want to see an intermediate access level between "Admin" and "Member."


This access level would allow that user to invite additional users from their organization only to the project. 


As consultants, we want the ability to staff up a client's project when required, especially for deadlines. Currently, we need to wait on the client admin to add users, which can sometimes take a while and is therefore not ideal for deadlines or when our users are out of the office. If we need another engineer or BIM specialist, it's entirely out of our hands, and hampers our ability to serve our clients.


And as someone on the other end who administers projects and adds users, I would love to allow Companies to add additional members from their same company. Using the member's email domain might be a good way to allow this.


I think the hard part would be deciding which ACC modules the added user should have access to? Maybe the same module/s as the user who is performing the adding? Which could then lead onto consuming project host licenses without host approval?


I think the safest way to implement this feature, at least to begin with, is for users who need to bring their own license, such as BIM Collaborate Pro.


I agree with Chad Smith, I should be able to add a "company Admin" person and let that person add their team members as they see fit.  I.E. - I add an A/E firms Project Manager, and that project manager can add the Electrical engineer, the mechanical engineer, drafter, etc. Privileges would be limited to a subset of the "company admins" privileges.  In it's current fashion, it is placing too much burden on the project owner/admin to add all these people and ensure their access levels are correct etc.

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I concur


To add to this, it would further help if that "company admin" role could designate a sub contractor to be a "company Admin" for their company as well.  I.e. - A/E has a subcontractor that is the commissioning agent, that person could then add people in their company as well.  I realize this is adding a whole lot of complexity but I do beleive products like Procore and Submittal Exchange allow you to do this. 

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