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Integrate Navisworks Freedom with ACC

Integrate Navisworks Freedom with ACC

Currently, the Coordination add-in for Navisworks works only with Navisworks Freedom and Navisworks Simulate.  On our larger projects, our users need to be able to open a model locally in order to walk/fly thru it (the web browser whites out and regenerates all the graphics whenever the user moves).


Our current workflow is to open Navisworks Manage, use the Coordination add-in to open a Saved View (living in ACC Model Coordination), save an NWD local to the desktop, drag-and-drop that NWD to ACC (via web browser or Desktop Connector), and then have the end user open Navisworks Freedom and open that NWD via the Desktop Connector.


Since ACC Model Coordination has the option to "Save to Docs", it would Navisworksbe great if Navisworks Freedom could just navigate to ACC Docs and open those views as view-only.

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