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Edit or add attributes to the naming standard (ISO 19650)

Edit or add attributes to the naming standard (ISO 19650)

I copied this from the BIM 360 ideas because we also need this in ACC. 

When the naming standard is applied it is not possible to edit or add attributes once set up but this has caused problems later during the project. 

It seems this was made available on BIM 360 but not ACC 


It is not always know who is working on the project at the start so therefore adding all the attributes is difficult. I have not come across a problem I need to add more originators to my project under the originators and I cannot which means I users will not be able to assign the files correctly. 


Edit or Add Attributes 


I would like the ability to edit or add attributes after the naming standard has been applied. We cannot do so at present.

i.e. add extra, remove or edit codes under the originator, volume/system, level/location, type, role. 


Hi @PaulFrancoisStorm.

If I'm understanding you correctly, then this is already possible in ACC. It's just not very obvious, as its hidden away within the folders, rather than from the main attributes setup screen. I'm struggling to locate it in the help section too to link directly.


Within Docs, select the 3 dots on a folder where the naming standard applies, or the parent folder. Then click 'more' then 'Attribute Settings'.


From the Attribute Settings dialogue, use the 3 dots to edit the attribute you need, e.g. Originator.



From here you can add more values. 


Hope this helps.

Thank you Allan, that is correct.


It would be nice if Autodesk could build that into editing the naming standard as opposed to editing attributes, but it does solve the problem. 


You have made my day!

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