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Create Reviews (Option) from Received Transmittal in ACC & BIM 360

Create Reviews (Option) from Received Transmittal in ACC & BIM 360

We anticipate the inclusion of a feature that allows users to create reviews directly from received transmittals within both ACC and BIM 360. This functionality would eliminate the need for admins to manually select files from various folders, saving them significant time and effort.


  • Reduced administrative workload: Eliminate manual file selection for Review creation.
  • Simplified collaboration: Initiate Reviews directly from received transmittals.
  • Avoid error: To eliminate the selection of incorrect files from the folder.
  • Improved efficiency: Streamline document review workflows.
  • Enhanced user experience: Intuitive and time-saving functionality.

We encourage Autodesk @penny_yu to consider implementing this valuable feature, which will benefit ACC and BIM 360 users.

1 Comment

I fully support this idea! It would greatly enhance workflow efficiency and user experience by simplifying the process of creating reviews directly from received transmittals. This feature would undoubtedly save admins significant time and effort while ensuring accurate file selection and streamlined collaboration. Implementing this functionality would be a valuable addition for both ACC and BIM 360 users. Great suggestion!

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