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Add descriptive text to a photo markup

Add descriptive text to a photo markup

A photo markup can hold multiple photos, but can't hold descriptive text about the space, leading to a disconnect between the photo and what is being documented.  Being able to add context is important. Notes would often be added after the photos are taken.


These photo sets often don't need issues with all the issue tracking (why they are created as photo markups) but the ability to convert a photo markup to an issue tag where a description can be added might be an acceptable workaround.


Notes would be more descriptive and specific than tags, and would add context might include:

  • "Users think this space is too small"
  • "This is a shared space between the following departments:..."
  • "This space can be converted into..."
  • "The users like this space and want to repeat it"
  • "The current staff workflow is..."
  • "This is the same equipment layout that will be needed..."
  • "This space works in situations x & y, but doesn't work in z because..."

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