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Plant3d in ACC vs Plant3d in Vault

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Plant3d in ACC vs Plant3d in Vault

Hi there;

In the past we used Plant3D in an Environment with a non Autodesk PDM System.

The was synchronization between the server (MS-SQL-Instance) and client was handled by the PDM System itself.

Now that PDM System has been ditched and we want to go for a Autodesk only solution.

We already use Vault in conjunction with Inventor.

On the other hand, a subsidiary of us in the US is already setting up Plant3D in the ACC.


So now we have to make a decision which way to go.


The Cloud solution has the charme that user-rights administration is much easier, especially because we work with "outside" engineering partners that we have to give access to our data.


The downside is that you are not 100% in control of your own data because it is hosted by somebody else.


Questions: when setting up a Plant3D project it requires the setup of a MS-SQL Database on the server.

As a standalone as in Vault, a MS-SQL Database instance costs money.


Is the cost for that database instance covered by the license fees for the cloud-services or would Autodesk charge us for this separately ?


How do the cloud services handle backups ?


For instance, how to handle a broken Plant3D-dwg and maybe a according database rollback ?


thanks in advance




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