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Navisworks Collaboration Models in ACC Viewer

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Navisworks Collaboration Models in ACC Viewer


Recently (for the last few weeks) a change has been made to ACC where collaboration models we upload no longer have correct texture coordinates on the embedded ortographic photo in the ACC viewer. All of our revisions from previous uploads are also now affected, where we have had no issues before recently. We first noticed this issue on January 22, 2024.

We generally work with .fbx-files to display terrain with orthophotos embedded, and they are Appended into Navisworks which is then uploaded to ACC/BIM360 as an .nwd-file.

What now happens, and has affected all of our previous revisions, is that the texture coordinates (XYZ) gets jumbled, making textures turned the wrong way or flipped.

Uploading JUST the .FBX-file into the ACC viewer does seem to work, but that also is not a solution since we then lack the rest of the collaboration model.

The .NWD-file orthophoto terrain works perfectly fine in the Navisworks-software, but NOT when uploaded to ACC.

We have attempted to create completely new, fresh .FBX-files, and we've tested Navisworks 2021, 22, 23 and 24 and the issues persists. This is NOT an issue with BIM360. The .FBX-files are usually created in FME or Cyclone, and no changes has been made here either.

Question is: Has anyone experienced any similar issues, and if so, and possible work around?
If not, the hope is that Autodesk figures out the bug causing this.

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