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Model Coordination > Save to Docs // Not working with Advanced Filters?

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Model Coordination > Save to Docs // Not working with Advanced Filters?

Hi Forum.


I'm seeking someone to test the Model Coordination (MC) 'Save to Docs' feature to see if you get the following incorrect result.

I have a few MC Views that have Advanced Filters set. Depending on how these filters are configured, it may exclude some appended models from the federated model that was Saved to Docs.


After a lot of testing, it appears to be related to the Advanced Filter 'Property', rather than the 'Value'.

When a Property is set, all models that contain elements with that Property will be save with the federated model, and those models without elements with that Property are discarded from the federated model.


I have noticed that this is more obvious when using a property 'Operator' that has 'Is not'.

e.g. I have a structural model with columns and a services model without columns. If I filter Categories that 'Is not' Structural Column, the result should be two models of which neither are showing Structural Columns.

But what I get in the federated model that is Saved to Docs is just the structural model since the services model doesn't contain any elements on the Column category.


It's as though using the 'Is not' operator is being treated similar to the 'Is' operator when deciding which models are Saved to Docs.


I hope I have explained this in a manner that others can replicate it. Thanks.

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