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Markups are kept in the latest version: why?

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Markups are kept in the latest version: why?

Hi all,


I noticed a change in the behaviour of markups on drawings and models, not sure if it's a bug or it supposed to act like this. Here's my problem: everytime a user of my project would add a markup and publish it, that markup object will be ONLY related to that specific version of the document. If a new version of the document would be uploaded, the markup would disappear from that said version, and could inspected or visualised in the old version. 


The usual workflow I established in my design team is:


1. Upload a new document in the are for comments from specific stakeholders

2. The stakeholders will comment and pubblish their comment on that SAID version of the document

3. The design team will amend the drawing in Revit/Autocad and upload a NEW version of the document on ACC, creating a V2 of the file.

4. The stakeholders are notified and check the new document content, and eventually REVIEW again, if required.


I used to supervision this process and it was working fine until last week. For some reason, Now the markups are kept in all versions of the file, making the design team and stakeholders confused about the progression of the comments.


Is there anything that's not working on ACC, or was this intended by design, so the initial setup in ACC was wrong?


Thank you for all your help on this.




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in reply to: c_rago

yes its suppose to behave like that since few weeks.

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in reply to: c_rago

Hello, Why was this changed? We are having the same issues. It should be the other way around. The markups should stay findable and when selected taken to that current version of view. Please change back to expected workflow.



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in reply to: brucegund

I also just checked the Help for Build for Files with Markups. There is no indication that Markups are applied and only viewed on the version it was created on.

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in reply to: c_rago

here :


Markups | Markups Promotion Improvements – When a file is copied into an existing lineage, markups and issues from the previous version are now promoted to the new version, ensuring all data is properly captured across the project lifecycle

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in reply to: Yien_Chao

This is not what is happening though. The markups are not being promoted to the latest current version.
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in reply to: Yien_Chao

Again, this is not a solution. My team is still not seeing the markups promoted to the latest version. If this is a solution when will this be taking place? It is almost March; this was an ad for new features in January. Please explain further why this is a solution.
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in reply to: brucegund

this is what's happening, but it's incosistent, since the markups are being kept from the version the UPDATE started from. So I can't see the comments in the first version, but only in those issued from January.


It's an inconsistent approach, and affects the current review workflow that I established with the client.


The workaround I found (at least that's what it's active now) is that the last markup can be "Unpublished", only from the version i need it removed from.


Hope this help anyone encountering the same problem.

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Your expertise on this topic is evident from your well-researched post. It provided valuable insights and offered a fresh perspective on the subject matter.

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