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List of files / drawings

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List of files / drawings

Hello, is it possible export/generate a list of files/drawings include folders structure of ACC project, please?

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in reply to: jremes.vut

Hi @jremes.vut yes you can follow the following process. 


1. Go to your Docs in your project

2. Click on the three dots next to Project Files 



3. Export File Logs 




4. You have the option to choose 

         a. Current folder and all subfolders 

         b. Current folder only 




5. You will get an Excel file in the reports tab and you will also get an email. 




If this works for you, please mark it as a solution. Thank you. 

Thank you.

Prateek Chitnis

Strategic Implementation Manager | Product Specialist | AECO (Buildings)

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in reply to: jremes.vut

Hi @jremes.vut 

Thanks a lot for posting your question to the forums!   Has the solution suggested by @ChitnisPrateek helped with your issue?

We look forward to hearing back from you with more information so we can help you as a community! 

Jonathan Hand

Industry Community Manager | AEC (Architecture & Building)

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in reply to: ChitnisPrateek

Hello @ChitnisPrateek, thanks a lot for your tip.

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do you know if there is a way to make the report show on each file who has accessed them and when? That way it effectively becomes a drawing register and if a contractor asks to see exactly what when to who and when in a litigation situation. that information can quickly be compiled in one place. or a project lead can be sent the report and see if someone hasn't been sent the required information.

would be good if the report had filters on the top row to quickly organize the data as well. But its not to difficult to add that once the reports been downloaded if not possible.

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in reply to: handjonathan

Hi all,
Can ACC do it automatically through the PowerBI Connector?
i need to track all the documents of a project in PowerBI, however i do not see that the connector connects the files into PowerBI

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