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How to limit information being shared to ACC

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How to limit information being shared to ACC

Hi, I'm still new to ACC. I understand that ACC is designed to facilitate seamless information sharing among all project stakeholders, including clients, BIM managers, engineers, etc. I'm curious if there's a way to exclusively share 3D models without including the drawings. While this may seem counterproductive, there are situations where consultants may require this option for negotiating with clients


Thanks in advance 

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in reply to: ARA_Rizky

Hi @Ara_Rizky 

Thanks a lot for posting your question to the forums!   I am linking in @Chad-Smith & @ChitnisPrateek, who maybe able to advise on the best workflow. 


Jonathan Hand

Industry Community Manager | AEC (Architecture & Building)

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Hi @ARA_Rizky


I would recommend placing your models into a separate folder within Files, and then giving permission to the Client to only this folder (view only access will be ok). If you need help with the permission settings this page on the help website should be useful DOCS Help | Folder Permissions | Autodesk. 



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in reply to: ARA_Rizky

Further to @Ryan_Holland_LDP's reply, if that model is from Revit, then use the Revit Publish Settings to be specific about which drawings you want to include/exclude. But ultimately, folder permissions set to View Only is the best solution.

Select Views and Sheets to Publish to the Cloud

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Hi Ryan,

Thank you for your reply. However, the issue is that our files are stored in the cloud, making it easy for the BIM management team or other consultants to download our Revit files and access the sheets/views within our model.

Is there a way to prevent this? Typically, in a 'non-live model', I would delete all the sheets/views from our model before sending it to the consultants.

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in reply to: Chad-Smith

Hi Chad,

This can be done, but I believe it would be pointless if they could download our Revit model and access views/sheets from it.
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in reply to: ARA_Rizky

Quick question.

Is the project in your account, or another company's?

You won't have total control if it's not in yours.

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in reply to: Chad-Smith

No. This project is managed by a BIM management company

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