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How do I view model version on windows file explorer.

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How do I view model version on windows file explorer.

I can view file versions (i.e. V1, V2) on the Autodesk native app, from the start menu, but not on windows folder explorer.
Furthermore, I have tried enabling more column details but it has remained been invisible. 

I would also love to view other custom model attributes that is visible on the Cloud. 


IS this possible?

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in reply to: 01U

Hi @01U I have got a couple of articles for you to try out. 

1. This is how you get the columns to show up -


2. If in case there is nothing in those columns, this is what Autodesk recommends -

Please let me know if this works. Thank you. 

Thank you.

Prateek Chitnis

Strategic Implementation Manager | Product Specialist | AECO (Buildings)

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in reply to: ChitnisPrateek

Thank you @ChitnisPrateek.
I could see the status column, but not the version?

I also tried the clean re-install.
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in reply to: 01U

Just incase anyone comes back to this:
There is feature request for the  "Description" Attribute.
Reference number: FDM-3124

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in reply to: 01U

It also might help to add your comments & feedback on the Desktop Connector roadmap items. There is one here for more properties/attributes.

I would love to see Description within the connector too. Thanks.

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