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Difference between Sheets and Files in ACC

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Difference between Sheets and Files in ACC

Hello !


While I was trying to extract all project sheets from the ACC, the result is showing 0 sheets although multiple sheets exist in the ACC docs. 


What is the difference between sheets and files, and how to convert the latter to sheets. 

@jeremy_tammik  I hope you could help with this,


Thank you! 


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I think I understand what you're asking.

The difference between Files and Sheets, is that Files is a file storage system, while Sheets is a document management system. A document management system is often better at managing drawings.

The as-designed workflow in ACC as it currently stands, is that design stage PDF drawings in Files can be 'Published' for construction over to Sheets. You can select multiple PDF's in Files, then on the menu you Publish to Sheets.

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Exactly @Chad-Smith ,

What I am trying to do is to extract data from the ACC docs, and while in the ACC Build section for example, you can find the type "Sheet",  ACC docs doesn't seem to have that type. I can only see the category File. 


That is why, When try to extract all sheets from that location, the result is null. 

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