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Desktop Connector

I just want to find out who else has issues with the Desktop Connector. I had an issue with it and the "fix" is to DELETE the DC folder in order to reinstall the most recent update for the software.

I had items stuck in sync mode that would not upload to ACC and since working from the folders on the ACC and using Desktop Connector to sync to the site, these files that were updated and then stuck got deleted. This means that anything stuck in sync that is newer than what is on the site is gone forever. You have to recreate the files, which causes rework of, depending on when it got stuck, countless hours of rework. I find it hard to believe that Autodesk's "fix" for issues is to delete people's work. 


When reinstalling it tells you to remove the DC folder. I find it hard to believe that Autodesk can not allow it to find the DC folder again and just pick up where it left off. Stated on the knowledge base for the product it states to delete it. There has to be a better way than deleting new work. 


If you don't know when it got stuck syncing you could be loosing weeks of work, and loose track of what was actually updated since the sync getting stuck or basically crashing. 


Has anyone else had these kind of issues with the Syncing? 

Has anyone found a better way of reinstalling the Desktop Connector?


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