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Desktop Connector - System Resources

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Desktop Connector - System Resources

A few weeks ago, I noticed that the Autodesk Desktop Connector was consistently using 2GB+ of RAM even in an idle state.  To get a baseline test, I de-selected all projects so there was nothing syncing to my local drive.  I also updated the Desktop Connector to the most current version ( as of today's date.  I checked the Log Viewer to make sure there wasn't anything actively going on in the background (nothing pops up after "User executed command with ID "ViewLogFile"; the only events are from when I open the Log Viewer).

With nothing actively happening in the Desktop Connector, my Task Manager is still reporting that it is consuming around 1,265 MB of RAM constantly.  Max of 0.1% CPU and max of 0.1 MB/s disk activity.

Why is this application consuming 1GB of Memory in a non-active state?

For comparison sake, I have OneDrive running and actively monitoring folders.  That is consuming less than 675MB of Memory.

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Hi @ahartke There's a few possible causes for this behavior:

Typically, a conflict with another application may cause this issue:

  1. Check if one of the known conflicting software is installed on the machine.
  2. If one or more of the known conflicting software is installed, disable, change its settings to exclude desktop connector processes and local workspace from scanning or uninstall the application to resolve the issue.


Alternatively, Processing of XREFs in AutoCAD files can cause this behavior. When uploading, syncing, opening, or downloading DWG files with XREFs, a higher CPU load is expected because the files need to be processed in the background to extract the references.

As a last resort, you can use the Desktop Connector Reset Utility to Reset Desktop Connector   

Confirm no Unsynced files or folders are in the Desktop Connector drive before following the steps in the Reset Utility Portion of the Desktop Connector Help Page


Open the File Explorer 



 and locate the Reset Desktop Connector utility here:

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Desktop Connector\Reset\ResetDesktopConnector.exe

Double-click the utility and follow the on screen instructions. You have three options as shown.

  1. Reset Desktop Connector: This is the main command that will reset the connector back to a clean state.
  2. Open online help: This will open the help page for all content including an instructional video on how to use the tool.
  3. Cancel: This will close the window and take you back to the windows folder
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in reply to: ahartke

Autodesk Desktop Connector has created a lot of text files on my computer. These text files occupy 639 GB of space on my computer.

These files are placed  user/Appdata/Local/Autodesk/Desktop Connector/ FOS/Logs

What are these files for? Will deleting these affect my files in Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC)?

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@ece_ataer Thank you for your response, and for the clarification. To answer your questions: 


  • The excess log files can be manually delete without issue.
  • For future practice, please ensure a limited  number of projects are selected through the "select projects" option in Desktop Connector. The best practice is to only select the projects you are actively working on. 

Performing a reset of Desktop Connector using the steps laid out in my earlier response should prevent the issue from re-occurring. Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns on the process!

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