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Creating a Program level view

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Creating a Program level view

I am new to Autodesk builds and I am wondering if it can support a Gantt chart showing multiple projects. I have been watching tutorial videos on their website, but so far I haven't found anything that looks like what I want to do. My employer is a fairly small subcontractor and our part of new construction work is typically done in a couple of weeks. Because of that we end up having a lot of different projects that need to be tracked. I am a new hire and I have been tasked with automate our estimating and project management work. Part of that is building a Gantt chart to show all the project that we at the same time. My company really want this Gannt chart to live on Autodesk, is there a way to do this? It looks as though the schedule feature is project specific. Could I use the Insight feature or the Executive view feature to do what I am trying?

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There might be a few options for you. First you (all users who need to view) need have Executive Access level which is granted in the Account Admin Space for Members. This will allow you to have multi project view within Insights. Once inside the Insights tools you will see dashboards for whichever project you were in to access this area, but 1/2 down the left side tool bar you will see Executive Overview (Once you activated the user as an Executive) Within the Executive Overview you can select and add "Cards" that show data across projects. Link below to additional resources. Additionally if you have access to Microsoft BI the Data Connector is another option. This information can also be found in the same link. With this keep in mind you can create Custom Power BI cards in Insight to reflect information status as well.






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