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Construction Cloud vs Vault Pro

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Construction Cloud vs Vault Pro

Hi there,


We are in process of implementing a file management system in our company as we are growing. We are mainly using AutoCAD 70% of the time, 30% Inventor for 3D checks, not modelling. We also have Navisworks and Solidworks, but not used that often. My question is, would Vault be the most optimal solution for simple workflow i.e Drawn by > Checked by > Approved by > "Issued". We also would like to have the freedom to work almost like the good old folder structure (I know these 2 are cloud-based) but something similar, I guess syncing your cloud to your PC is an option in both, so you can have a similar folder-like structure. So far what I read is that ACC is collaborative tool, including schedulles etc. not revision control, lifecycle of files (workflows) etc. We need a system that can work in parallel with SharePoint (sending the issued files to SharePoint)


Thanks in advance.

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ACC has workflows and document versions built into the platform, but can't send the files to SharePoint natively.  I'm not familiar with Vault but believe it has integrations there. 

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Yes, Vault has integration and automation to send directly to SharePoint once a file has been issued.

I was wondering if the ACC has more freedom and folder-based structure, which is still a cloud solution, but easier to work with compared to Vault

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