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Can't Append Models in Navisworks to Model Coordination Views

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Can't Append Models in Navisworks to Model Coordination Views

What purpose does disabling the append tool in Navisworks when working in ACC or BIM 360 model coordination views serve? Is it a limitation of the tool or is it intentional?


If we create NWFs from model coordination models and bypass the model coordination views entirely, it works great. Why force us to maintain 2 working files if we want full functionality? Are there coordinators out there that don't have to periodically append models from floors above or below their working model? Surely they aren't going back to model coordination to update views every time...  I don't understand the logic. 




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I've noticed the same, and have similar thoughts.

When in Model Coordination where Views can have models added/removed, I don't understand why we can't also add/remove in Navisworks.

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If using a pre-defined View in Model Coordination, then the MC Append button is greyed out (by design).  If you use the Models tab in MC to select individual models then you can use the Append button to select additional models.  For whatever reason, Autodesk feels that Pre-defined Views shouldn't be added to with Append, perhaps they think it is an admin only function.

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