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Autodesk Takeoff - how do I change the height of a bunch of linear takeoffs at once?

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Autodesk Takeoff - how do I change the height of a bunch of linear takeoffs at once?

When using linear takeoffs to measure area (like for wall paint) I have to provide a value for height. I can set the default in the takeoff type definition, but what if that number changes? Or what if I forgot to provide a default? 

I have found that I can change the values in the Inventory, but I can only do it one takeoff item at a time. Is there an easy way to bulk edit these properties?

Chico Membreno - Product Manager

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If you go into detailed takeoff, you can modify properties for multiple takeoff items at once. Detailed takeoff can be accessed via the more menu in the takeoff types panel (image 1) or by double clicking on the takeoff type name.

The left panel will switch to something that looks like image 2. You can select multiple rows by holding the Ctrl key while clicking, or by selecting the items in the viewer. Once selected, you change the value in the Inputs section and press the Tab key, or click elsewhere in the panel.

detailed takeoff.png

detailed takeoff panel.png


Chico Membreno - Product Manager

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