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Autodesk Construction Cloud Deleting Parameter Collections

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Autodesk Construction Cloud Deleting Parameter Collections


I was wondering if its possible to delete or archive existing Parameter Collections on Autodesk Construction Cloud?

I created a "test Collection" and it seems there is no way to remove the collection even tough its empty.


Thanks in Advance!


Kind Regards

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Hi @loris.faiss please follow the link below, it talks about how you can archive parameters.


If this works for you, please mark this as a solution so its easier for other users to find. Thank you! 

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Prateek Chitnis

Strategic Implementation Manager | AECO (Buildings)


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Hi, Thank you for the reply

I know how to archive single parameters, but my question is if i can archive a Parameter Collection.


For Example I create a new Parameter Collection called "Test_Parameters", where I add a few Parameters. Now my Test is over and i want to delete/archive the Collection "Test_Parameters" so it doesen't show up anymore. How can i do that?


Thanks again!


Kind regards

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I have the same concern. There is no apparent tool available to archive a collection yet. 

@ChitnisPrateek can you confirm this for us?

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in reply to: loris.faiss

The Parameter Library is still in its infancy and is undergoing development. Especially around the ability to delete, archive, and restore (archived) items.

I would suggest adding your comment to this thread, which was created by and monitored by Autodesk as they seek feedback.

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