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Apple Pencil and Autodesk Construction Cloud delayed input

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Apple Pencil and Autodesk Construction Cloud delayed input

Hi Everyone,


We have a 10th generation iPad running iPad OS 17.3.1 with the latest version of Autodesk Construction Cloud with a 2nd generation Apple pencil.


We are noticing that the input lags when writing notes in ACC.


Below the user is trying to write out Change Order, but as you can see not all of the strokes are recognized:


This problem does not occur in the built in Notes app at all, only in ACC.


Any idea why this is happening?

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Hi Everyone,


It's been a week since I posted this and I was hoping I'd get some type of response on this and as far as I'm aware, this is still an issue.


Is there a more appropriate place to post this?  Like a customer support portal instead of a community support area?


Please advise...

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in reply to: ubence


I have the same issue with Apple Pencil and iPad Pro. I contacted ACC support, and they submitted a feature request to the product dev team for me. I have also created a public post on the ACC Ideas forum (Apple Pencil Support - Autodesk Community) for more visibility.

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I contacted support too and they came to the same conclusion that the app doesn't natively support the Apple Pencil and they were going to put in a feature request asking for this to be added.


This was about a month ago and there's been a few version updates to the app [looks like there's one as of today 2024-04-02].


Hopefully this eventually makes it into the app.

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I'm one of the product managers for Markups in ACC. Thank you for posting about this issue. We're currently working on some improvements to better support the Apple Pencil for markups. We hope to release this very soon and I will post again when it's live!




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in reply to: alyssa.weis

Are you planning on supporting pen/pencils on Android? 

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