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Allow naming of model publications versions

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Allow naming of model publications versions

ACC has a very nice and lean versionning that remains accessible for the models after each publication. It would be wonderful for management purposes to be able to name the versions.

Say you have version 1 2 3 4 that are weekly publications, but then you publish a new version that has major changes in it and would like to identify what version those changes occur. Being able to name version 5 - "Removal of X" or naming it an official model such as "Model for construction".

It would add such simple, effective and useful information for following the model history.

V1 - First draft
V5 - For preliminary
V10 - 6th floor added
V19 - For construction
etc etc!

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Your comment is very legitimate and talks to the greater need that Docs needs to track all metadata for all versions of a document for data probity.

There is a lot of attribute data that is recorded against document versions which is lost once the document is versioned. Docs should not be allowed to discard data just because it was versioned.

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Implementing a naming convention for versions in ACC would enhance model management by providing clear insights into each iteration's purpose or changes. This system could facilitate tracking significant updates or milestones, such as "Removal of X" or "Model for construction," aiding in understanding the YTMP3 model's evolution over time. Such a practice ensures better organization and transparency in model development and usage for effective management purposes.


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