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ACC Schedule Publish Settings Greyed - Full Admin Rights

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ACC Schedule Publish Settings Greyed - Full Admin Rights



I've been trying to Schedule a weekly publishing time for my project, and everything is greyed out and can't be selected as shown below. I have full admin rights and followed the 'Learn More' link to review if anything was missing. I don't see anything wrong from an Admin / Account stand point.


I've created all the Teams relevant to the project with no issues. I've published a few models individually without any issues either.


Anyone know what the issue is here? Could this be a 'glitch' or am I missing something?


Thanks in advance,




Schedule Publish.png

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Hi @justin_langloisB9R7S can you please check this link and see if it helps.


I would make sure you have BIM Collaborate PRO and Revit Cloud Worksharing!


Please let me know if this works! 
If that doesn't work, please create a ticket with Autodesk! 

Thank you.

Prateek Chitnis

Strategic Implementation Manager | Product Specialist | AECO (Buildings)

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This was exactly it. I was confused with the interface; you have to select the day and time, AND THEN the slider button unlocks. Now I know! (Sometimes it's the little things we get hung up on I guess)


Thanks for your help!



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