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ACC Model Coordination Module - Coordination Space from File Attributes

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ACC Model Coordination Module - Coordination Space from File Attributes

When creating a Coordination Space for the Model Coordination module, it prompts you to select a folder where your models are stored so that it can begin clashing all the files within that folder.  Is there any way (or are there any plans in the future) to create a Coordination Space based on file attributes instead?


I am currently testing out a folder-based vs. metadata-based organization scheme, and I personally prefer to use metadata, but if Model Coordination does not support this, I may just revert back to folder-based.




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We have a similar desire to perform workflows and tasks based on metadata, rather than folders. In the case of clashing, using metadata such as Discipline, Company, Status, Update Date Range, etc, would all provide flexibility with model selection.

I think Docs would first need to support metadata workflows, so that Model Coordination could then leverage it.


As far as I'm aware, we still have to use a folder-based workflow.

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Yes, Currently Model Coordination is folder based. Use of metadata is something we are investigating but there are no near-term plans to modify. 
Something you may be interested in short term is we will soon have a Public Beta, Object Table.

The Object Table provides an accurate summary of model objects and properties for GCs, Subcontractors, and Designers to review early and often in the design and precon phases. Perfect for catching missing properties, duplicate quantities, or formatting errors on-demand, without opening a single desktop tool!
  • Immediately available in any Model Coordination view
  • Displays a rolled-up summary of all model objects in the current view
  • Dynamically updates as filters are applied
  • Integrates row selection with 3D object selection
  • Enables selection of ANY model property as a table column
  • Expand rows to drill into type and instance-based rollups
  • Supports .rvt, .dwg, .ifc, and .nwc
  • Export to .csv or .xlsx (try it with Power BI!)


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