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ACC - Model Coordination - Closed Clash Issues reappearing after model upload

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ACC - Model Coordination - Closed Clash Issues reappearing after model upload



I have had this issue in a couples of projects now, I have searched the web and not find a solution.

I work through the clashes generated in ACC Model Coordination, I assign issues where they apply and select not an issue where applicable.

However the next time I have a model upload from a designer the front page (what I call the clash matrix) of active clashes in model coordination, it is fully populated again with everything I had previously assigned as not an issue even thought its listed in the closed issued tab


Thanks in Advance




Just wondering if someone else has come across this or I'm missing somthing

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The issue may arise if the model geometry has been edited, meaning the element has been deleted and created again. Only then the issue, that has been closed in the past may become a new issue. Please check when uploading a model, does the user has altered the elements by deleting and remodeling the same.

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